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Thursday, May 23, 2024

General Science One Liner Questions with Answers

Question – Pellagra disease is caused by the deficiency of?

Answer – Due to deficiency of niacin (vitamin B-3)

Question – What causes the sky to appear black from the bottom of the moon?

Answer – Scattering of light

Question – What is the cause of measles?

Answer – Virus

Question – Under normal circumstances, what percentage of the blood coming from the heart does the kidneys receive?

Answer – 24%

Question – With which gases does the process of star formation begin?

Answer – Hydrogen and helium

Question – What is the source of energy in artificial satellite?

Answer – Solar battery

Question – Which is the brightest star in the sky?

Answer – Cyrus

Question – What is the gain or loss of electrons in the process of oxidation?

Answer – loss

Question – Why do noble gases not react with which other atom?

Answer – Because they have eight electrons in their outer orbit.

Question – What effect does dissolving soap in water have on surface tension?

Answer – Surface tension is reduced.

Question – Which gas is used to ripen fruits?

Answer – Ethylene

Question – Fruits are studied?

Answer – In Pomology

Question – Blood is kept mixed with which chemical in the blood corpuscle?

Answer – With sodium nitrate and dextrate

Question – What does the phenomenon of polarization in light prove?

Answer – Waves of light are transverse waves.

Question – One light takes place in a year?

Answer – 9.46X 1012km

Question – What is the chemical name of hypo solution used in photography?

Answer – Sodium thiosulphate

Question – Hooke's law is related to which branch of science?

Answer – From Physics

Question – Doppler effect is related to which field?

Answer – By sound and light

Question – Mendel's law is related to? Answer – By genetics

Question – What is the coating of zinc on steel called?

Answer – Galvanization

Question – A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy?

Answer – Dynamo

Question – What is the directionless free movement of microscopic particles in a liquid or gas called?

Answer – Brownian Movement

Question – What is studied by the branch of science called photosonics?

Answer – Effect of sound on plants

Question – What can be known from the Crescograph instrument?

Answer – Rate of growth of plants

Question – What are proteins made of?

Answer – From amino acids

Question – Is Vitamin C acidic or alkaline? Answer – Acidic

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