Friday, January 24, 2020

EMIS Latest News & Instructions To All Schools - SPD Proceedings

informed to instruct the DEOS , ADPCS , APOS , BEOS , UDISE Co - ordinators , EMIS coordinator of CEO office and the programmers of Samagra Shiksha to monitor and check the schools that are updating all the details in EMIS .

The following subjects are to be followed and strictly monitored :

1 . Marking of Staff Attendance
2 . Marking of Student Attendance

3 . Partlally marked attendance in schools should be made as fully marked ( All sections attendance to be marked ) .
4 . Aadhar of students and teachers to be validated and updated .
5 . Phone Number of Teachers & Students to be validated and updated .
6 . Updation of Master Time Table to be completed
7 . Tagging of students with special schemes for CWSNTRTET Oosc , etc . , to be completed .
8 . Enrollment of students for Noon - meal to be mapped ,

9 . Updation of Staff profile ( teaching & non - teaching ) to be taken up
10 . Monitoring of Aadhar Enabled Blometric Attendance for teachers , Staffs & Officials to be done.

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